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2018-19 Season Strapper Comp #1

Cam deciding when to drop the hammer.

Cam deciding when to drop the hammer.

The 2018/19 season kicked off with Strapper Comp #1 in some of the best quality waves the club had ever seen at our backup SPOT B. When there is swell accompanied with westerly winds it’s the obvious choice to run but we had a tight window to work with to beat the high tide and a dropping swell.

It was too big for the groms early, we wanted the finals in the best conditions and for it to be small enough to be safe for the groms by midday and it worked to perfection thanks to the tireless work of the committee and those putting in on the day to make it what it was.

We couldn’t have pulled it off without early dawn start and the people that sacrificed a sleep in to get set up, a sometimes forgotten part of the process that many take for granted. With the only Division with an extra round it had to be an Open B start. Stand outs in the early round were Reece Crabtree, and club Vice President Flynn Hyslop taking on the bombs from outside.

Once it was Open A’s turn it was clear that Cam Lamperd was sending an ominous warning sign to the field that they were going to need to bring their A Game to stand a chance. Shawn ‘Mouse” Todd began his title defence with his usual precision to advance to the final along with Lachy Keith’s backhand dominance, and in his first time in the big leagues Zeph Lamperd displaying why he and the club have a big future ahead.

As the tide drained and the swell eased it was ripe for the Groms to strut their stuff and thrive in what was flawless Victorian surf competition bliss. Current Australian champion Ellie Harrison traded equal high scores but it was Zeph winning the battle of the backups to take out the Cadets with Kian Major backing up his Juniors title with a first up win over Beau Bartley.

Zeph keen to get out there.

Zeph keen to get out there.

Ellie on a bomb.

Ellie on a bomb.

Conditions continued to fire for the Seniors with Cam Lamperd, Mouse and club pres Christian Pritchett with the help of his local knowledge trading pocket 7’s. As with almost every good wave on the day though it was Cam in the slot laying down hammers, big carves and barrels putting on what could only be described as a masterclass. It really was a majestic display of surfing for the purists and Cam took out the division win.

Open B saw Justin Lowe bounce back from a reluctant early start to claim the first win of the season setting the standard for the other contenders to chase.

El Presidente eyeing a section.

El Presidente eyeing a section.

As midday approached and the high tide looming the premier Open A division got the last of the high quality conditions on offer with each of the competitors trading blows with near excellent scores dropping making it hard to split either of the 4 surfers. Cam again had the highest single number but it was Mouse’s savvy ability to get the score he needed in the dying minutes to this time claim the win.

Hmmmm. What to do with the Grom Comp?

Without hesitation the 14’s were begging for their chance to surf some real comp waves. 2018 Rip Curl Breakout Performer Taz Higgins eyes lit up when he saw his first bomb and on a tear he went with the opener being the biggest score of the heat. Joe and Jet were also having a crack but it was Isaiah Norling with his own breakout performance, comfortable in the conditions he was accustomed to for the W.

Joel Bartley and Jerry Kelly didn’t want to be denied either so we even had an Under 12 heat out the back. Jerry got a sick one but it was Joel with the solid two wave total that made the difference.

The crowd was awarded with sunny skies and big hacks all day.

The crowd was awarded with sunny skies and big hacks all day.

Once the call was made to pack it down and move to Raffs the weather turned on us and it was more a victory at sea scenario for the kids and wet finish to the day for the brave parents that turned up on a cold spring September afternoon. Gold stars around for you little iceblocks and you parents too!

For the full detailed breakdown go to (please refrain from any criticisms over the funky aggregated results we had to come up with for the U14/U12).

Things we nailed:

The Conditions - We got at least 6 hours at a pumping righthander while the wind and weather was magic. Heaps of stoke to go around all day.

Our task is to be flexible enough to work with the conditions on offer to put as many of us in the best conditions possible. That means a conscious effort from us to monitor the forecasts and make last minute calls. Updates are as constant as possible on social media or our website so to be in the loop it’s all there if you want to find it.

The new website is for us to provide you a portal for all you need to know about the club. It also lists our sponsors so do your bit to support them.

We got a new speaker so we could blast out the updates, the traffic lights donated by past club contributor and electrician Matty Cameron are working a treat.

One Division only refers separately to the Main and Grom comp days. 14’s can surf Cadets if they are confident enough and if you qualify, the only other exception to your division is Open A.

The Lampard dynasty - Cam and Zeph made history being the first Father/Son to compete in an Open A Final. Jet pushed himself out at pumping Banny, Bay got a 2nd in the U8’s and Teal took out the 10’s! Even Bec wore out the sand at Raffs pacing up and down arranging grom heats while Cam pushed in more than just his own kids. Thanks guys! Freaks! While we are at it, a plug for Surf Sessions. Check out their upcoming programs.

Thanks also to everyone that helped:

The Sopovski’s – Jen the new Tresurer and Trev running operations with Smithy. Legends! Dave stoked on his finals appearance.

Tammie our Secretary sorting out registrations and the BBQ with Bec.

Flynn the best contest director ever while surfing through his own heats.

Choco and Pops (sounds like a new breakfast cereal!?) for Judging and Adam Mcfee and everyone that chipped in with the groms.

Thanks again to Mike, Shannon, Myles and the crew at Strapper for their decades of generous support of the club.

Things we need to work on:

There were plenty of hands on deck for the packdown but it’s often left to too few to get the whole show set up of a morning. Clubs die a slow death from lack of assistance – it’s happened before and we don’t want it happening to the club again.

It’s Boardriders! If you are not at the beach, things change and if you are not around to contribute you are likely to miss out.

Don’t leave the beach without judging at least one or 2 heats.

Don’t expect Live Heats to be an accurate account of scheduling. At best it is a guide. Unfortunately there are always either no-shows or walk throughs and things change. Get involved, contribute, spend as much time as you can enjoying the comp and you won’t be disappointed.

Live heats makes contest directing bearable. Without it, it’s all the more difficult to run a draw, schedule, seeding, judge, tabulate results, etc. etc. etc.

If there is a reason why you can’t pay your membership, or register for each comp then we will need a legitimate reason why. We have made it as easy as possible.

If you do register for a comp then can no longer make it then it’s just as important to let us know. Just send us a message in as much advance as possible. All it can take is one person to butcher the draw.

We are having to enforce penalties for non-registering and no shows. Not sure if it’s going to be public naming and shaming or deductions off wave scores yet. There is just too many people that do the right thing and too many moving parts to run a comp so we can’t let it go any longer.

For now though the penalty will consist of a slab of beer. Those that will need to cough up prior to next comp is: The man himself Cole Rush and Lachlan Newman.

Also, nobody volunteered to dry the rashies. We need a hand up from someone from each of the Main and Grom fraternities to take them home.

Open B – if there truly is a revolt at being put in the best waves at the expense of a weekend sleep in then let’s get together and work out a solution. If nobody wants to register for comps that’s fine, but if you want to roll up late in the day and still surf a heat, maybe appoint a leader to all check in with, grab some rashies and score sheets and make it as loose as you like. Live heats just doesn’t roll like that making it difficult to direct a contest for everyone else at the club that is putting in all the time and effort.